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Are we so primitive that we allow HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of innocent, helpless living creatures to be slaughtered every year just because we enjoy the taste?

you know this is bullshit tbh. there are literally millions upon millions of animals that kill just because they…

right. YOU kill the animal every time you wanna eat meat. bet you’d stop then.

you know I probably would because I wouldn’t have time for it and I wouldn’t know how. but the point is I don’t have to because other people do. yes I want the animals I eat to be humanly slaughtered but why would me slaughtering them have to do with it? so everytime you want a bag of crisps do you go and cut the potatoes and fry them and flavour them yourself? no it’s ready there for you. if I have to make my own food from scratch you’re right I probably wouldn’t have meat too often but I would have it because it’s good protein and it actually has more positives than ‘just tastes good’

i will not apologize for believing that all life has value.
it’s kind of sad that people stoop to defending the industrialized genocide of billions of creatures.
if you read my text post correctly, I never once told you to do anything, including giving up meat. but having said that, what’s so bad about advocating for a healthier lifestyle???

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Wolf by Ales Gola

(via 500px / A Mothers Love by Sharon Fiedler)

Oldřich Kulhánek. The Hymn of Zarathustra IV. 1984.

Skyline Divide ➾ Jayme Gordon


floating away. up where I belong. this is home. this is right.

ancient, timeless. a modern day classic.

my life is my art. each moment a potential masterpiece.

I believe in the poetry of what can be. I believe in the poetry of what is.

I am what I am. For better or for worse.

I am who the world made me. A victim of circumstance, I am a product of my environment.

Are we the pinnacle? Is this what we were born for?

Advertisements and billboards, radio wave frequency slave ships.

Do as your told. Buy what you’re sold.

9-5. 24/7.

Is this all there is?

Hell no.

We are meant for so much more than what they’ve ever let on.

We are invincible. We are the indestructible.


Never born, never dying.

Just changing. Constantly.

Evolving. Moving forward.

We are the answer. We are the question.

We claw our way through the void. Flailing. Trying to hold our grasp.

We will overcome. together. Or not at all.

We must take a stand, or we will take a fall.

One race. Many tribes. One mountain. Many paths.

We are all connected at the core. We are the same.

Our roots are deep. This family tree stands tall.

The time is here. The time is now.

Let us stand together.

Take my hand.

Brothers and sisters.

We will prevail.

We are powerful. We shall overcome all obstacles.

I hate to spoil the ending, but love wins.

Love wins.

And if we side with love, we will win as well.

So cast aside your bitterness, your envy, your greed. 

Let go of the feelings and emotions that are holding you back.

Let go of what you used to be.


Begin a new beginning. Rise up from your ashes.

Take your rightful place. 

You are a god.

You are a goddess.

You are in control.

The old empires are crumbling.

A new world is waiting for us.

Why wait?

Why hold onto a dying way of life, a culture that is bleeding itself dry?

Take my hand. There is a better way.

We can work together .

We can be unified.

One people, one vision. One goal, one planet.

We are the chosen people. The children of the stars.

The rainbow warriors, the peacemakers, the lightworkers.

We can save the world. We can heal the earth.

Share your gift. Pass your talents along. Spread your art.

There is poetry in your soul. Speak it.

There are galaxies in your mind. Explore them.

You are the destination and the journey all in one.

You are the artist and the canvas.

You are here.

You are now.

Against all odds, we have made it.

Now what?

Now where?

The turning point. The fork in the road.

A part of, or apart from?

That is the choice we must make.

Before its too late.

This is our moment.

So what do you say?

What do you say?

Say yes?

Say yes?

Say yes?

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