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Give Me All of Your Banned Books and Used Bajas.

Most incredible boulder opal I’ve ever seen. 121cts.

hippie vibes

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is this what having a penis is like 


yes. that is exactly what it is like.

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2 Min vid = I learned to edit and add “cooking show music” plus black beans,rice,guacamole & tortillas-ALL organic/vegan and from scratch- SOOO much more to learn but awesome!  thelazyassvegan.com

bananas. erryday.

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alright. seriously. what’s the big deal with nudity? why has it become synonymous with sex, or sexuality?

we are all born the same way. NAKED. literally every single one of us entered this earth without clothing. it is our natural state.

Women have breasts. And vaginas. Men have penises. And testicles. We all have butts. I mean, yes, these things CAN be sexual, but 99% of the day, they are just there. Hanging out. Not doing anything especially sexy.

We all have bodies. Every one of us. Why do we have to cover them up all the time? What is so dirty, or gross about the naked form? I really can’t understand. Naked bodies are beautiful.

Nudity does not equal sex. Period. I have had sex with my clothes on (most of them) and I have had sex with people who have had their clothes on as well. Its silly to keep propagating this ridiculous stigma.

If I want to walk around naked, or post a naked picture of myself, why does it have to be sexual? Why can’t I just be proud of my anatomy?

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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